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An Inspector Calls

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I'm very excited to once again be teaming up with the great people at Tread The Boards Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon this September. I worked with Tread The Boards back in October last year on Frankenstein so it's nice to be asked back to perform in one of my favourite plays of all time, JB Priestley's An Inspector Calls. We have already began rehearsing at The Attic Theatre with performance dates beginning 12th of September. I will be playing the youngest of the Birling Family, Eric Birling. You can find more about Tread The Boards on their official website,

About the play

What would you do if it was late and dark, you're not expecting company and an Inspector turns up at your door discussing the whereabouts of a woman you don' think anyone present knows? When the Birling family allow this stranger to enter their home they get a lot more than they bargained for and not only begin to learn about the demise of a young woman but they learn a lot about the dark secrets within each other. How well do you know the people you're with? J.B Priestley's classic story of deception, betrayal and the self righteous demon in all of us is powerfully portrayed by Tread the Boards Theatre Company in this invigorating and gripping production.

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  • "Richard had the ability to understand his character from day one of filming and has made it his own. With some very strong performances, not only comical, but also emotionally, Richard has been one of the easiest and most talented actors I have had the pleasure of working with. Reliable, on and off set, I hope to be able to work with him again in the near future."

    Steve Best, Director of Zombie Hood

  • "Richard was an absolute pleasure to work with on "Deception". Very professional, patient, considerate and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

    Paul Moxon, Lightweaver Productions

  • "Rich seemed to understand his character almost immediately and evidently put a lot of hard work and effort into making him come to life in front of the camera, exceeding my expectations!"

    Jeff Wilkinson, J.Wilkinson Films

  • "Richard is a wonderful young up and coming actor who I have been coaching for over a year now. He is incredibly proactive, takes direction well and is a hard working individual who is reliable and a delight to work with."

    Karin Heslop, Acting Coach